Gift Shop

Ysleta Mission Gift Shop (next to the Mission)
131 S. Zaragosa
El Paso, Texas 79907

915-858-4440 or 915-858-4441

Mission Statement: All visitors will be provided with information on the rich history and culture of our region, materials to assist in the proactice of the Catholic faith and to help in the maintenance and repair of the Mission.

Hours of operation: Tuesday thru Saturday
10:00 am to 4:00 pm (depending on availability of volunteers)

Contacts: Isabel Hernandez, Lena Ortiz, Angie Donohoe, Rose Candelaria, and Mary Davis

If you are interested in volunteering please contact Mary Davis at 915-858-4440.






2 Comments Add yours

  1. nora says:

    hello, I was visiting the missions this summer and purchased medals and holy cards for my return trip to Illinois. I was out visiting as my son had just returned from Afghanistan and the man in the shop that day gave me a medal to give to my son. I had purchased a note card that was painted print of the church. I think it was $5.00. do you have any of them still available as my entire suitcase was stolen on my return trip and my purchases were in my bag. please let me know. I always love visiting your church when I am out there and was going to frame this note card. thank you and blessings, nora

  2. Richard A. Sandoval says:

    I came by on Tuesday of this week and you were closed I am talk to a sacristan Ruben ithat bought a Benedictine cross from your gift shop I wanted to know if you had anymore I would appreciate it a call back my number is 505-235-4791 I live in Albuquerque

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