Restorative Justice Ministry

The Restorative Justice Ministry seeks to provide hope and compassion for the incarcerated, their families, their victims and those released from prison while seeking to affect changes in public policy regarding incarceration and re-entry. Recognizing the inherent worth and dignity of all people this ministry embraces our Gospel call to be present and serve those affected by the Criminal Justice System.

La misión del Ministerio de Justica Criminal de Nuestra Señora del Monte Carmelo es proveer esperanza y compasión a nuestros hermanos y hermanas encarcelados, sus familias, sus victimas y aquellos liberados de su encarcelamiento. Buscan cambios que afectan reglamentos públicos hacia encarcelación y re-entera a la sociedad. Reconocer la dignidad y valor de nuestros hermanos y hermanas. Nuestro ministerio apoyado en la llamada de nuestro evangelio esta presente a servir aquellos afectados por el sistema criminal de justica.

After Care Services: This service provides for assistance in the transition from incarceration to assimilation back into the general population. In order to perform this service we must have a list of contacts to include state and federal programs (i.e. Project Rio Texas Rehab Commission etc.) as well as community businesses that are willing to employ our community members who have just been released.

Education: This service provides support for those struggling with the transition back to the general population. These struggles may include chemical dependency, anger management or lack of skills to compete in the job market. In order to address this need we will maintain a list of community support groups (i.e. Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Texas Workforce Commission, and Texas Rehab Commission etc.)

We would also like to develop a relationship with the Office of Parole and Probation to avoid the possibility of any violation of parole or probation that could jeopardize their release. Also we would like to reach out to our “at risk” youth through education and community events.

Family Support: This service provides support for families of those that are incarcerated. This support will include counseling, events for the children and if possible the arrangement of transportation via public transit for visitation of family members. In order to perform this service we will work in close contact with community groups (i.e. Community Solutions of El Paso and Center Against Family Violence etc.) We will have a schedule of bus routes and if possible through donations provide for bus fare.

Visiting The Incarcerated (Include Letter Writing): This service will provide ministers to visit the state, federal and local prisons in El Paso County area. We will bring the word of God and the Most Holy Eucharist (if possible) to those that are incarcerated to bring some hope into their current situation.

Advocacy: This service will provide a voice to address the unjust or inhumane conditions that exist in the current justice system. In order to perform this service we will work in close contact with other advocacy groups within the Criminal Justice Ministry in the Diocese of El Paso (i.e. Texas Coalition Against the Death Penalty, El Paso Against the Death Penalty etc.).

Presence to victims: This service will provide a support group to the victims of crime within our community. In order to perform this service we will work in close contact with agencies that are set up within the county government to provide assistance for victims by providing victims with points of contact and outreach programs that are available for counseling and any other support that may be needed.

SUMMARY: Although we have listed several services within the Criminal Justice Ministry there may be more issues that will either arise or have not been addressed. Our hope is to meet each and every need that arises in a timely and reverent manner.

As with every ministry, our ministry must be “Christ Centered” and we must always keep in mind that all these services that we provide are useless if dependent on our efforts alone. Therefore when ministering we must be aware that our first and primary goal is to bring Christ to those that we ministering to then and only then will all else fall into place.

For more information: Oscar Luna 915-256-7683, Sylvia Pando 915-626-4131


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