Time Talent Treasure

The time given to us as stewards of this earth is a precious gift, which God wants us to use wisely. We must never forget that Jesus was born “in the fullness of time” and saved us in human history. We are born in time, Baptized in time and invited to live lives of faith within the precious gift of time. Time is a consumable but non-renewable gift. Therefore, the faithful and responsible celebration of time is a vital part of Christian Stewardship.

God gives us many gifts – our faith, the love and affection of friends and family, our possessions -to name but a few. As good stewards, as good Catholics, we need to discover more and better ways to express our gratitude. As individuals and as members of the community of faith, we have been blessed with many talents. Stewardship invites us to offer our gifts and talents to our parish and community in order to build up the kingdom of God on earth. Some are able to organize, some are teachers, still others have the ability to visit the sick and listen with great care. Talents are not better or worse, talents are just different. Together we can always do more than when we act alone. We are not called to be passive beneficiaries but active participants in the work of God.

We have all been blessed with riches. We live in a land of plenty and reap the benefits. Stewardship invites us to recognize how God blesses our efforts and enriches our lives. When we recognize God’s part in our lives and His part in our success, we will be eager to make a return to God for all He gives us. It is not enough to just thank God; we must make a return to God from our possessions. True Stewardship of Treasure should flow from our need to give and not be tempered by a response to proven need. Responding to a proven need is charity. Charity is important, but far less than true Stewardship. True Stewardship is much more than charity because it responds to a need in our hearts more than a need in our world.


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