Blessing of the new Altar (video)

In the rite of consecration, the new altar is:

-Anointed with the oil of Chrism as a symbol of Christ the High Priest “the Anointed One” so that on the altar of his body he might offer the sacrifice of his life for the salvation of all.

-Incense is burned on the altar to signify that Christ’s sacrifice, there perpetuated in memory, ascends to God as an odor of sweetness, and to signify the people’s prayers ascending, pleasing and acceptable to God

-The covering of the altar indicates that it is the altar of Eucharistic sacrifice and the table of the Lord around which God’s people joyously meet to be refreshed with divine food.

-The lighting of the altar teaches us that Christ is the light; his brightness shines out in the Church and through it to the whole human family

Finally, the celebration of Mass proclaims the bond that closely connects the dedication of an altar with the celebration of the eucharist.


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