Farewell to Fr. Charles

Most of you know Fr. Charles will be leaving us shortly, he has been assigned to the Church of the Assumption in Richfield, Minnesota. Fr. Charles has been with our Parish a little over seven years, physically he will be gone, however, his spirit, love and memories will remain with us for a very long time. We will miss him, we wish him well, we pray our Lord will continue blessing him abundantly, and take him to his new destination safely, and in peace.

The Parish is planning a “DESPEDIDA” on Friday, August 6, at 7:00 pm in the corner patio behind the Mission. Join us at this gathering to bid farewell to our beloved Fr. Charles.


Despedida al Padre Charles

Muchos de ustedes saben, el Padre Charles se lo llevan a la Iglesia de la Asunción en Richfield Minnesota. Fr. Charles ha estado con nosotros pocito mas de siete años, lo vamos extrañar mucho, pero nos deja su espíritu, su cariño, y muchos recuerdos. Le pedimos a nuestro Señor que lo bendiga y que lo lleve a su nueva Parroquia con salud y paz.

La Parroquia los invita a la Despedida del Padre, se lleva a cabo el viernes, 6 de agosto a las 7:00 pm en el patio atrás de la Misión.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Martha Carrasco says:

    My dear Fr. Charles!
    I will miss you more than you know. Thank you for all the love. support, kindness and friendship! I know we will see each other soon, so for now let’s just say “no vemos pronto.”

    I love you Fr.!
    Martha Carrasco

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