Good or Great??


“Good is the enemy of great! For Catholic parishes this is a powerful wake up call. The church is filled with “good” parishes. Liturgies are planned. Formation programs use a nice book. Some people take an active role in parish leadership and ministry. The collections pay the bills for the most part. People get their children baptized without too much hassle. First communions are received every year. Couples getting married go through their routine of meetings. Lent comes. Easter follows. Sometime around Pentecost, things slow down for the summer. It’s a “good” parish.

Can we afford to keep focusing only on being good? The world is bigger, more challenging and dynamic than that. It needs the message we have to bring: the secret of the Reign of God. We need to be more than merely “good” to announce that. We need to be great!
Bill Huebsch, Dreams and Visions p.2

There has been so much growth in our parish over these seven years. First there was a downward spiral with the trauma of the close of the school. Lots of people have died, and so their families have moved on to parishes closer to where they live, but through the ACTS process lots of women, men and teens have found a renewed vision of who they are as Christians and as families. Not everyone for sure, and there are lots of people who stand distant – for now. But sooner or later we need to move or be moved off center and find another way to grow in faith.

The quote above addresses that reality. It’s really not enough to “do” the “stuff” we’re obligated to do. We need to dig into the why of what we do. That’s the idea behind Mystagogia. Mystagogia is digging into the reality of who we are in Christ, how the living Word within us calls our eyes and ears to be opened to the signs and sounds of the world around us. Pray for vision! Open eyes to dreams! Incarnate the Word of God in consequent and intentional action! Be what God calls to be: adopted children, co-heirs with Christ and one another, ambassadors of Christ in the world, living invitations to transform society around us just as yeast in the dough!

To live and to be a part of dream and vision of Christ’s action in the world takes us beyond being the bored and un-informed, passive and quiet. In Christ, having become a new creation, we become his presence in the world around us.

Mystagogia, an experiential affair is a formation more than reading books. It’s prayerful dialogue moving us to be active beyond Sunday morning. Christ empowers us and Missions us into the world. Mystagogia is our going out in prayerful pilgrimage learning what here of Christ on the way. To experience Christ in the Easter symbols is to experience Christ on the way through our lives: from good and mediocre to great.

Ready? Open your eyes! Go!
fr. Charles


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