Lord, Hear Our Prayer for Haiti!


“I appeal to the generosity of all people so Haitians, who are experiencing a moment of need and suffering, may not lack our concrete solidarity and the effective support of the international community. The Catholic Church will not fail to move immediately, through her charitable institutions, to meet the most immediate needs of the population”.
Benedict XVI

Hear Our Prayer for Haiti, Lord!

– We pray for hope despite this situation, that even as Haitians face darkness, they may see light in hope.

– We pray for the reunification of families.

– We pray for a greater conscience for people in Haiti and elsewhere that we might respond.

– We pray for a spirit of thanksgiving for international agencies for their good heart and good faith.

– We pray for relief workers to have a spirit of patience and perseverance.

– We pray for those who at this time are in search of meaning in their lives and peace.

Please donate now!

– Donate by telephone: 1 (888) 277-7575
– Donate online: http://crsespanol.org
– Write a check:
Catholic Relief Services
P.O. Box 17090
Baltimore, Maryland 21203-7090
Please write “Haiti Earthquake” on the memo line of check.



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