A Catholic Perspective on Crime & Criminal Justice

“The causes of crime are complex. The ways to overcome violence are not simple. The chances of being misunderstood are many. With this in mind…we have consulted with Catholics who are involved in every aspect of the criminal justice system: prison chaplains, police officers, wardens, correctional officers and treatment personnel.

As bishops, we offer a word of thanks and support to those who devote their lives and talents to the tasks of protection and restoration. We call on others to join them in a new commitment to prevent crime and to rebuild lives and communities.

We also wish to stand in solidarity with crime victims in their pain and loss, insisting that all institutions reach out to them with understanding, compassion and healing.

Taken from: A statement of the Catholic Bishops of the United States.
Do you know?…Every year approximately 700,00 persons are released from our jails and prisons. In Texas, the number is 55,000; and in El Paso, 500 each year.

Steering Committee meeting, August 26, 6:00pm in the Peace & Justice Conference Room at the Pastoral Center. For more information to join the Criminal Justice Ministry at our Parish, contact Stephen Perez 915-433-6959.


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