“Ysleta Mission presents Tejano Nite”



In keeping the great Tejano tradition at the Ysleta Mission, the Festival Committee announces “Ysleta Mission presents Tejano Nite” on Saturday, May 16, 2009. Tejano Nite will include all your favorite Tejano styles, from the Tejano big band sounds to the conjunto Tejano style that has been emerging the lastest Tejano internet radio waves.

Featuring Two-Time Grammy award winner Sunny Sauceda. Sunny brings his own conjunto Tejano style directly from San Antonio, the Tejano music capital of the world. Sunny Sauceda encourages Tejano music fans to “Live Free” .


Sunny Sauceda’s career started as a childhood star in San Antonio, recording his first album at 5 years old. During a lifetime spent with music; first with his family then with highly successful groups and now as a solo artist, Sunny’s songwriting, recordings and performances have been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of fans across the world. As the charismatic front man for Grupo Vida, Sunny Sauceda’s legendary stage presence influenced a decade of up and coming performers – something he is continuing to do even stronger with new artistic freedom. As his musical career progressed Sunny received some of the highest recognitions in the industry including two GRAMMY awards, Billboard Magazine’s “Revolución del Año”, Accordionist of the Year awards and an opening spot on the record breaking Dixie Chicks Fly tour.

Sunny Sauceda shows no signs of slowing down and is pushing his promotion and performance schedule tirelessly to keep building on his successes. Go to www.sunnysauceda.com to see photos of Sunny, to listen to samples of the new music and learn more about one of the most talented and fastest rising stars in the music business.

Also, featuring at the Tejano Nite concert are the original Ambassadors of Tejano Music – The Latin Breed.


If the ol’ famous cliché holds true, “the only constant in life — is change” then these words speak volumes of The Latin Breed. The evolution of Tejano music’s most influential group remains as constant as the deep truth conveyed in the art & sounds rendered in their classic repertoire. Rejuvenated with a spirit of carrying on the authentic flavor of The Latin Breed sound, the band is reliving the buzz worthiness of the early years started back in 1969. For further information on The Latin Breed please visit www.tejanonotes.com.

Tejano Nite concert will also feature El Paso’s own Windy City – A “Chicago” Tribute Band. Windy City is definitely the closest thing you will ever hear to THE GREATEST ROCK BAND of all time, that being “Chicago”. The concert will be on the grounds of the historic Ysleta Mission 131 S. Zaragosa Road. For the latest information, please call the Parish Office at 915-859-9848.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Raul says:

    I can’nt wait! What is the line up for the bands. 1st to last?
    See you there
    Thank you and God bless

  2. Fred Macias says:

    Opening Band is “Windy City” followed by “Sunny Sauceda”. Our Headliner is “The Latin Breed”. Don’t forget to bring your chairs.

  3. carmen says:

    are you still bringing more tejano bands for the bazzar in july hope you do thanks

  4. Jolly Ortiz says:

    On July 10th we will have Ricardo Castillon and La Diferenzia. Will definitely be a great show!! All Free!

  5. Ida Torres says:

    The mission needs to bring more tejano cconcerts to the mission… We need acts like Grupo Vida,Jay Perez, Bobby Pulido, Veronica Y Avance…. Gary Hobbs, David Lee Garza. . We need to keep tejano alive, You all don’t know how many tejano fans we have in El Paso. They are die-hard fans and there is not even any tejano night clubs here, which is not good for us tejanos… I say make more tejano concerts and you see that the place will start getting full……..Do an all day concert with several artists, a car show and the tejanos will come and enjoy this music, the bottom line is the tejano needs to be recognized again and us tejanos need to support this 100%………………………………………..

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