World Day of the Sick


February 11, is World Day of the Sick, please remember to pray for the sick of the Parish and everyone else that needs our prayers, here and every where else. Especially the children as Holy Father describes in his message for this year’s World Day of the Sick.

El 11 de Febrero es día de Oración para los Enfermos, recuerde de orar por nuestros feligreses y toda persona que necesite oración aquí y donde sea. Especialmente para todos los niños enfermos.

Pope: World Day of the Sick Message for Children
Vatican Information Service

To you dear children who are sick and suffering. The Pope embraces you, your parents and your families with paternal affection.

VATICAN CITY (VIS) – The Holy Father’s Message for the seventeenth World Day of the Sick was made public. The Day is celebrated every year on 11 February, Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes.

“This year our attention turns particularly to children”, the Pope writes in his Message, “and especially to sick and suffering children. There are young human beings whose bodies bear the consequences of incapacitating illnesses, and others who struggle against sicknesses that remain incurable even today, despite the progress in medical science”.

“There are children who have been injured in body and mind by wars, and other innocent victims of the mindless hatred of adults. There are street children who are denied the warmth of family life and left to themselves, and minors profaned by sordid individuals who wish to violate their innocence, inflicting psychological wounds which will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Nor must we forget the countless minors who die of thirst, hunger and lack of healthcare, and the young exiles who emigrate from their own land with their parents in search of better living conditions. All these children raise a silent cry of pain that appeals to our conscience as human beings and believers.

“The Christian community, which cannot remain indifferent in the face of such dramatic situations, feels the pressing duty to intervene”, adds the Pope. “My hope, then, is that the World Day of the Sick may give parish and diocesan communities the opportunity to become ever more aware of being the ‘family of God’, encouraging them … to make manifest the love of the Lord Who asks that ‘within the ecclesial family no member should suffer through being in need'”.

Benedict XVI then goes on to observe that, “since a sick child belongs to a family which shares his or her sufferings and often has to face great inconveniences and difficulties, Christian communities cannot but take on the burden of helping families struck by the sickness of a son or daughter. Following the example of the Good Samaritan we must tend to such sorely-tried people and offer them the support of our real solidarity”.

“Daily dedication and ceaseless commitment in the service of sick children are an eloquent testimony of love for human life, especially for the lives of the weak and of those entirely dependent upon others. We must, in fact, vigorously affirm the absolute and supreme dignity of each human life. Though time may pass, the teaching incessantly proclaimed by the Church remains unchanged: human life is beautiful and must be lived to the full even when its is weak and enveloped by the mystery of suffering”.

“John Paul II, who gave us a shining example in his patient acceptance of his own suffering, especially at the end of his life, wrote: ‘On this Cross is the Redeemer of man, the Man of Sorrows, Who has taken upon himself the physical and moral sufferings of the people of all times, so that in love they may find the salvific meaning of their sorrow and valid answers to all of their questions'”.

Finally, Pope Benedict expresses his “appreciation and encouragement to the international and national organisations that care for sick children with generosity and self-sacrifice, especially in poor countries”, and to all people “who lovingly dedicate themselves to alleviate the sufferings of the sick.

“My very special greetings”, the Holy Father concludes his Message, “to you dear children who are sick and suffering. The Pope embraces you, your parents and your families with paternal affection, and assures you of a special mention in his prayer, inviting you to trust in the maternal assistance of Mary Immaculate”.


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