Advent giving tree / Arbol de adviento

Parishioners celebrate the true meaning of Christmas by sharing gifts with families in our community who are less fortunate. Participation in this ministry can be as simple as removing an angel tag from the giving tree, purchasing the gift and returning it to the church.

The tree is set-up at the entrance to the Church. Each tag is for a child, a teenager or an adult. Take as many tags as you like and bring a gift for each tag request. Please return by the end of December, the gift distribution will be on January 3, 2009, Feast of the Epiphany.


Arbol de Adviento
El árbol esta situado a la entrada de la Iglesia, Cada etiqueta es para niños, jóvenes o adultos. Tome uno o mas etiquetas, compre un regalo para cada etiqueta. Traiga los regalos a la Iglesia o a la oficina a los mas tardado el fin de Diciembre. Los regalos se van a distribuir el 3 de Enero, Fiesta de la Epifanía.


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